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Dinosaurs Originated in Britain
Major new research has completely changed our understanding of both where dinosaurs originally evolved and how they can be grouped together. Matthew Baron of Cambridge University and lead author in this radical new theory suggests the first dinosaurs may now have orginated in the northern hemisphere,...
Photo of The Dinosaur Museum
Changing the Clocks To British Summer Time
Changing the Clocks To British Summer Time: Good For “Larks”, Bad For “Night Owls”.
Do you know who invented the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”? It was Benjamin Franklin, one of the “Founding Fathers” of the USA. Do you agree with him? John Ciardi, a 20th...
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Smartphone Addiction & The New...
Compulsive smartphone use still allowed – but not if you are driving
Are you “nomophobic”? If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a condition from which Harry Wallop, a Daily Telegraph journalist, suffers. He has a fear of having no mobile phone. He admits that the very first thing he does when he wakes up in...
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Illusions Of Grandeur: How The Global...
Are you a fan of the Irish Rock Band, U2? If yes, is that because you like their music or because you approve of the anti-poverty campaigns associated with their lead singer, Bono and his condemnation of oil companies that don’t pay taxes in countries where they operate? In which case, you might not be aware...
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London Fashion Week: The Catwalks Adapt...
Should fashion be completely separate from politics? Is that even possible? Marta Represa, a Paris-based writer who contributes to (among others), L’Express and Rolling Stones magazines, doesn’t think so. As she has pointed out in “AnotherMag”, there has been a long tradition – ever since the couturier Paul...
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The Rampant Rooster
China’s Increasing Influence in the British Economy
There’s a Chinese proverb which advises: “When you want to test the depth of a stream, don’t use both feet”.
The People’s Republic, however, appears to have dispensed with such caution in its dealings with the UK. As the “China Daily” newspaper has reported...
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Say NO to another runway at Heathrow
Gatwick is a better option.
British Airways and Heathrow Airport are once again banging the drum for the imbecilic notion to construct a third runway at Heathrow. One proposed site is to the north of the M4 effectively creating a separate adjacent airport with the possibility of doubling flights within a...
Say NO to expansion at Heathrow.
Music and The Modern Shopping Experience
“Have you noticed: You can never get silence anywhere these days?” If Bryan Ferry, the English songwriter & vocalist, was complaining about the incessant recorded music to which customers are submitted in many shops & supermarkets across the UK, perhaps he’s partly responsible: He’s made at least 15...
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Marketplace Shopping